Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 1 DONE! {21 Day Fix}

I mentioned last week that I have started the 21 Day Fix.  At the time of writing the post I had only done one day.  I have a little more knowledge today!  I absolutely LOVE this program.  It is the first nutrition and exercise program I can stick with.  The workouts are killers!  But I am happy to report I did every workout!  This is a first for me.  I worked through the sore muscles and continued.  That in and of itself makes me very proud!  I feel so much better in only a week.  I can only imagine how I will feel after the complete 21 days! 

With that all said....I am happy to report that I have lost 6 pounds and at least an inch in each area of measurement on my body.  My wedding bands are loose on my finger already.  Just simply amazing what a little...no a lot...of hard work will get you.  I have not felt hungry one bit after starting this journey!

I ate things like....

Scrambled eggs, 1 slice of bacon and a piece of whole wheat toast. (2 red containers, and a yellow container)

Blueberries, greek yogurt and honey (1 Purple container, 1 red container, teaspoon)

Raspberries, grilled chicken, celery, carrots and mixed greens with honey mustard dressing. (1 purple container, 1 red container, 2 green containers, 1 orange container)

Sloppy Spaghetti (recipe coming soon).  1 Red container, 1 yellow container, 1 green container

Pulled Pork (Recipe coming soon) with mixed veggies and a small baked potato.  1 Red Container, 1 Green Container and 1 Yellow Container.

Sausage and Kale tortilla pizza (recipe coming soon).  1 Yellow container, 1 red container, 1 green container, and 1 blue container. 

Most of my lunches consisted of salads and some leftovers from the previous nights supper.  This is not a diet.  When I went on a diet it usually only lasted for a short period of time.  This is a lifestyle change.  We have completely changed the way we eat.  I now eat to live not live to eat.  Oh don't get me wrong...I still LOVE to eat.  But now I eat to fuel my body.  I'm sure at some point in this journey I will slip up.  But I will pick myself up and continue on!  I do not ever want to go back to feeling horrible again. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Its Time for Healthy!

I have always struggled with my weight!  I would start something for a little while then quit.  I have mentioned before that we have cut out all processed foods a few months ago.  We all feel so much better!  I knew I needed to add exercise to my diet, but a gym membership was out of the question.  We are a family of five on a limited budget.  I am not one to do the same workout over and over again.  The other day I was up very early and was flipping through the channels.  I stopped on something called 21 Day Fix from the creators of Beachbody.  Hmm!  It looked like what I had been searching for!!

Not only is this a fitness program, but it is a portion controlled nutrition program as well.  The color coded containers are what you use to measure your food in.  Purple is fruit, green is vegetables, yellow is carbs, red it protein, blue is fats (cheese, nuts, humus, avocado) and orange is fats (dressings, and seeds). 

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this is.  I am currently on Day 2 of the 21 Days.  I get so much food according to this plan I had a hard time eating it all.  The plan has you eating every 2-3 hours.  But I'm not going to lie...the workouts are brutal!  My legs felt like they were going to fall off after the first workout.  I am determined to push through the uncomfortable feelings I have after working out.  The workout makes you sweat...A LOT!!! 

This is what I had for lunch yesterday.  I had 2 green containers of vegetables, 1 purple of fruit, one red of protein, and 1 orange of fat.  I could have had more protein but in my calorie bracket I get a lot of it so I didn't fill it all the way up.  See how easy it is?  I know how many out there say measuring food is a pain in the behind, but think about it!  It is so easy to over eat when you do not know how much you are actually eating. 

For breakfast yesterday I had Overnight Oatmeal with blueberries.  It was SO good.  Supper was stuffed peppers!  YUM!  This is not about depriving yourself of the things you love, its about modifying the way you eat those things (and how much).

Not only do you get nutrition help, a fabulous workout, you also get a coach for free!  Its like getting a personal trainer without the cost of one.  Everything I got I got for less than $70.  Now where else can you get a nutritionist, and personal trainer for that price??  No I have not received any compensation for this post.  What I receive is worth SO much more....MY HEALTH! 

If anyone is interested in learning more about the 21 Day Fix contact my coach Ashley.  She is wonderful and will answer any questions you have about this!  If any of you do contact Ashley please let her know Jen B sent you.  I may or may not get a little something from her for it. {Wink wink}

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Very First Family Vacation

Last week we went on our very first family vacation to the Cleveland area.  I have no idea why we waited so long to go on vacation but we did.  I suppose life just got in the way.  We went out to visit our daughter Hannah's boyfriend's family.  This was a year in the making. 

DAY 1...

We left home around 11:00 am and got into Cleveland around 3:00 pm.  We were surprised at how easy of a drive it was.  There was a lot of joking and laughing in the car on the way out, which was just what our family needed. 

Hannah and her boyfriend were so excited to see each other.  I snapped so many pictures of them this weekend.  The smile on their faces says it all.  Brandon's family is one of the sweetest families we have ever met.  They were so welcoming!  You know the kind of people you meet for the first time and feel like you have known them for years? Yes that is Brandon's family.  I loved all of the conversations I had with his mom.  After all of the introductions we headed off to explore the area.

Brandon's mom took us to a beach to watch the sunset.  Little did I know but my husband Matt had never been to a beach before!  This was a vacation of firsts for our family.  Matt and Andrew decided to toss the football around.  Before they knew it there were kids flocking to them asking to play.

So after tossing the ball around we noticed these really big chairs behind us.  These were built by a couple of eagle scouts as a project.

We could not stop laughing at each other while sitting in these chairs.  Its just one of those things that cracked us up.

The chairs just seem to swallow up the person sitting in them. 

Finally a chair that fits my husband just fine.  Ok maybe its a little big!  I laugh every time I look at this picture.  I had such a difficult time snapping a picture because I was laughing so hard.

Now that is what vacation looks like!!  We absolutely loved the beach.  I wish beaches around us were this nice.  They really take pride in the beach there.

I felt bad for these two kids.  They followed us around asking us to play ball with them and take their picture so we would remember them.  They were so excited about getting their picture taken.  The mom was busy on the phone and completely ignored them when they tried to tell her.  Broke my heart. 

Nice view of a nuclear power plant.  Kind of reminded us of home.  {smile} 

Andrew was right at home on the beach.  The rest of the trip he kept asking to go back to the beach.  Unfortunately we never made it back.  Next time for sure!

Hannah and Brandon just sat and smiled at each other.  It was so heartwarming to see them together. 

What an amazing end to our first day of vacation.  The sunset was gorgeous!!  We packed everyone up and headed out to grab some ice cream. 

DAY 2...

Today we headed into Cleveland.  I was not really sure what to expect.  But as soon as we got there I knew I loved this city! 

Brandon and family took us to the Science Museum where we watched a few IMax movies.  One was called "The Unseen World" that was all about things too small to see with the naked eye.  The second one was called "D-Day".  We loved that one.  We learned a lot of new things about D-day we had not known before.  The final one was "Pandas".  That one was very cute.

The science museum was right next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  We skipped it this time around.  I didn't think the kids would be very interested in it.

In between the movies we ventured outside to enjoy the sunshine.  The kids had a great time feeding the fish in the water.

Some of the fish were huge!  After the science museum we were invited back to Brandon's house to celebrate Hannah's birthday. 

Boy did Brandon's mom go all out for Hannah.  Like I said before they are an amazing family!  The house was all decorated for her birthday.

I know Hannah was so beyond happy to have them celebrate her birthday like they did.  I cannot thank them enough!

The candles on the cake were so cool!  After they were lit the flame was the color of the candle.

I have never seen anything like it.  So cool looking.

Make a wish Hannah!  At which she looks at me and said "All my wishes have come true".  Be still my heart!

Next came the gifts!  She even got something from Brandon's grandparents!  Just look at the joy on my Hannah Bear's face! 

She got a gift bag full of goodies from Brandon, his sister, mom, step-dad, and brothers.  Aside from our immediate family we have never felt so welcomed into another family. 

A pink water bottle all her own, flavored packets for the water, a stuffed dog, balloon, necklace, candy...

A season of her favorite show Glee!  That is one of the things that brought her and Brandon together so it is very special to both of them.

A beautiful shirt, a bracelet and a wind spinner (you hang it up in your window and the wind spins it around).  She also got a rubber ducky with a flashlight in it.  Brandon certainly spoiled my girl. 

DAY 3...

Our final day in Cleveland.  We are sad to have it come to an end.  Today we took a tour of a local fire station not far from our hotel.  We also made our first visit to Chick-fil-a. 

This was what Andrew had been waiting to do on vacation!  He loves to visit other departments and compare the two.

The firefighters were more than happy to give us a tour of the station.  I became distracted by talking that I forgot to take pictures. 

Andrew could have stayed there all day hearing all about how a city fire station operates.  There was a lot that was the same. 

Our tour guide was absolutely great!  We could really tell he loved his job.  We talked about the ins and outs of being a fire fighter.  We also talked about the differences between paid and volunteer. 

A piece of steel from the New York City twin towers.  Very sobering to see it.

Thank you to the City of Willoughby for the great tour of your fire station.  From the fire station we met up with Brandon's dad.  He took us into Cleveland to an observation tower.  Where we could walk around 360 degrees to view all of Cleveland.  This was a lot of fun!!

Simply breathtaking! There is something very peaceful about being up there just taking in the view.

The building on an angle is the science museum we went to yesterday. 

This is where the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Cavaliers play.  If you look really closely you can see the Indians warming up.

I kept walking back around to look at this old church.  So gorgeous!  I loved all of the character of the old buildings in this city.

Looking out over Lake Erie. 

Right at the bottom almost center of this picture is a Cleveland fire station.  They have a fire boat instead of trucks. 

After leaving the tower we headed over to The Christmas Story house!  I have always been a big fan of the movie.  My uncle took my sister and I to see the movie in the theater in 1983.  So this was one thing we had to see on our visit.

"I can't put my arms down!" and "You'll shoot your eye out!"  And who can forget the leg lamp?

"Its a major award!!" The notorious leg lamp that Ralphie could not keep his hands off of.

The Red Rider BB Gun with a compass in its stock.  Everything in the house was visitor friendly.  We were encouraged to pick them up and touch them.

The Christmas Tree with packages all wrapped for Christmas morning.  The only thing missing was the zeppelin that Randy got for a gift.
Randy and Ralpie's room.
The bathroom where Ralphie ran into so he could figure out the secret code from Little Orphan Annie.
Lifebuoy soap that Ralphie had to put in his mouth after cussing.
Telephone that the mother called Flick's mother to tell her about the cuss word.

"Mommy's little piggy"
I have so many more pictures, but I feel like I may have bored you.  We had such a blessed time on our vacation.  We are really looking forward to our next one.