Thursday, July 17, 2014

Homemaking Meme

My sweet friend Sandra tagged me in this very neat meme.  I am not going to tag anyone but if you play along let me know.  It's a pretty neat one.  A great way to get to know more about fellow bloggers.

Aprons-Y/N if Y what does your favorite look like?  Yes.  My favorite is "just like grandma's"

Baking- Favorite thing to bake? Bread! I love everything about it.  Most of the time I am able to just throw the ingredients into my bread maker for delicious bread.

Clothesline- Y/N I love the clothesline.  But we do not have one here.  I have the next best thing.

Donuts-Have you ever made them? No. But they are defiantly on my bucket list of things to make.

Everyday-One homemaking thing you do everyday? There really isn't one thing I do everyday.  Each day I sweep the floors, dishes, and laundry.

Freezer-Do you have a separate deep freeze? Yes. We have a small chest freezer.

Garbage Disposal-Y/N No. We usually compost our scraps. 

Handbook-What is your favorite homemaking resource?  I love the old homemaking books.  Most of them I have found free on Kindle. 

Ironing-Love it or hate it? Ironing? What on earth is that.  This is one thing I do not enjoy!  I actually try to find wrinkle free things so I don't have to do it.  LOL

Junk Drawer-Y/N-Where is it? Yes.  It is the first drawer in the kitchen.  I really want to do away with it.  Drives me bonkers!

Kitchen-Color and decorating scheme? Peach walls with dark green counters.  I have various chickens throughout my kitchen.  I'm mostly about how a room functions rather than the decorations. 

Love-What is your favorite part of homemaking? Bringing joy to my family.  It's the special things I do for them that makes homemaking fun for me.

Mop-Y/N Yes.  With three teenagers (and friends) running in and out of the house I mop 2-3 times a week. 

Nylons-Wash by hand or in washing machine? Do not use them. 

Oven-Do you use the window to check on things or do you open the door? If I'm baking a cake I try not to open the door.  But other things I do.

Pizza-What do you put on yours? I love veggies on my pizza.  We make pizza often here.  So we try to make different kinds.  Buffalo Chicken pizza is a favorite of the family.

Quiet-What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Quiet?? What on earth is that? Seriously...I read my Bible.

Recipe Card Box-Y/N Yes.  I have my mother-in-law's recipe card box.  I never had the chance to know her so these are a piece of her I cherish.

Style of House? Simple.  Nothing extravagant.  I try not to have many nick knacks around just looks too cluttered to me.

Tablecloth and napkins-Y/N Yes.  My husband got me a beautiful table cloth and napkins at the museum recently.  Hand painted...I love it.

Under the kitchen sink-Organized or toxic wasteland? Organized

Vacuum-How many times per week? 2-3 times a week.

Wash-How many loads per week? I do at least one a day sometimes more.

X's-Do you make a daily to do list and check it off as you do things? No I usually know what I need to do.

Yard-Y/N-Who does What?  Matt and Andrew do a lot of the mowing.  Katrina and Hannah love to help out as well.

Zzz's- What is the last homemaking task you do for the day before you go to bed? Make sure the counter is cleaned off.  I often run the dishwasher at night.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clothes Drying Rack

One thing I really miss about our old home is the clothes line.  We have one here but it is covered by the trees and not really practical. 

So in March we purchased a drying rack.  I had seen these popping up all over.  I know they are used by the Amish in the winter.  So we searched the internet for a good one.  One that was well constructed and would hold up to many years of use.  We found one at Homestead Drying Racks.  These are handmade and very durable.  We also needed something that wasn't going to take us months to put together.

It was shipped very quickly after we ordered it.  I counted the days until it arrived.  It arrived within a few days.  It was shipped in a very long box. Complete with instructions. 

So my husband and son got to work on putting it together.

It really didn't take them very long.  About an hour or two at the most.  There were some issues we had with the instructions.  It didn't seem the steps were numbered very well.  It was all pictures.  But they got it together with no problems.

Once it was all put together we noticed some of the dowel sticking out on the ends.  Oops.  I actually like it this way.  I can hang some towels on the ends.  It works very well!!

I just love love love this!  It fits nicely in our back room and on our deck outside.  It is fairly lightweight so I can move it around if needed. 

This rack is their largest one.  They sell three different sizes.  Hannah loves to help me hang the laundry out.

So if you live in an area where you cannot have a clothes line these are a wonderful alternative to that! 

There is nothing sweeter than clothes drying in a light breeze.  Have you ever used one of these?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

Life is starting to slow down!  I desire the lazy days of summer.  No doctors appointments scheduled for the near future!  Thank you for all the prayers! 

Thank you to Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for hosting this.
As I look outside my window...
A cool 66 degrees.  Feels really good to turn the A/C off for a bit. 

Right Now I Am...
Chatting with my husband about what he discovered in his bible study this morning. 

Thinking and pondering...
About how life is too short.  A local police officer died in his sleep.  He was only 44 years old.  They believe he had a heart attack.  He was physically fit and in very active.  He leaves behind a wife and 2 boys.

On My bedside table...
Bible and Kindle

On My TV tonight...
Not sure really. 

On The Menu this week...
Monday~ Balsamic chicken with mushrooms, rice, salad
Tuesday~ Spaghetti
Wednesday~ Pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans
Thursday~ Pasta Salad
Friday~ Homemade Pizza

On my to do list...
General Housekeeping
More purging
Price curriculum for a sale

Happening this week...
Hubby's birthday is Saturday!  He has "forbid" me to get him anything.  Time to be creative!

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating...
I got a vintage apron pattern book.  I really want to make one.  These are aprons like my great-grandmother always wore. 

My simple pleasure...
Sitting outside watching the wild life.  Although they ATE our entire garden!

Homemaking tip...
I keep a basket near the stairs.  When I find something that needs to be taken upstairs I place it in the basket.  That way I just have to carry the basket up.

Looking Around the House...
A few dishes from breakfast to be placed in the dishwasher.
Some light dusting needs to be done

From The Camera...
I was thrilled I actually took a picture of the moon AND had it come out!!  NOW I desire a longer zoom lens to really capture it. 

On my prayer list...
My friend Jen's brother in law, Paul, who had a massive heart attack at a very young age.  He is currently fighting for his life in the hospital.  He has a wife and 2 young children. 

Our church family.

Our family and unsaved family members.

Bible Verse, Devotional...
Psalm 147:14
"The LORD upholds all who fall, And raises up all who a bowed down."

This very is such a comfort to me.  No matter how many times I fall God will hold me up.  I fall short so many times in my walk with Him.